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We believe in the necessity of symbiosis in food systems as a baseline for humanity's survival. Over the last century the world has compartmentalized production and distribution into what those in power would call an “efficient machine” misguiding society at every level and painting a picture of a bright and economically sound future.

This machine benefits few, yet many continue to follow the obscured path laid down by those before them, without really knowing where it leads, hoping that in their lifetime they will reach financial security and in turn “happiness”. The operators of this machine are just as blind, refusing to listen to the signals of falter continuing to push their herd forward with little regard for the impact the noisy beast makes along the way.

We are the outsiders, analyzing the machine, finding its holes and  figuring out ways in which we can best mend them. Our objective is pure and simple, shun the mistakes of the past and build a dynamic future which benefits our planet and our communities.

All of our work, either in our projects or in our consulting efforts, is based in sustainable and ethical practices. We focus on local resources, where there is a gap in the chain we seek to repair it, bolstering infrastructure and creating an economy based on symbiosis. We use community as our compass, knowing that when the local economy is vibrant everyone in its ranks will flourish.


our journey molded our vision for a future in food that holds no home for oppression, destruction, or the misguided dictation of the movement of product from soil to stomach. we have stood strong in our belief that with homeostasis as our guide and the hands of our community we can build a sustainable pathway to repair the damage laid down by those who came before. our story has just begun, click below to read about the pages that have already been written.....

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